Edvocator Superhero Direct Mail Marketing Campaign: Phase 1

Edvocator Superhero Direct Mail Marketing Campaign: Phase 1

I’m an Edvocator superhero. They call me “Click”

Cold emailing doesn’t seem to work very well for a variety of reasons. First, email inboxes are swamped with real and SPAM emails. I find that it’s difficult to come up with a catchy enough subject to get anyone to reply to my email. Second, SPAM rules can be a bugger if you’re (which I am) sending emails from a lead record within a customer relationship manager (CRM) which am. After attempting to send a variety of different emails to potential schools and clubs, I decided it was time to use the direct mail approach.

The direct mail approach (I’m hoping) in today’s electronically-flooded email inboxes Continue reading “Edvocator Superhero Direct Mail Marketing Campaign: Phase 1”

Edvocator Journey: Sucking at Sales Sucks!

Sucking at sales sucks

Edvocator is a good concept; I truly believe it. In fact whenever I buy motorcycle related stuff, I go to the Edvocator demo school fundraising site and click on the Revzilla store link then buy my stuff. That single click earns me 3% of whatever I buy. If I buy a new $200 helmet and a $300 jacket and I earn $15.00. If this were a real Edvocator school site the school would get the lion’s share of that – between 70% and 90% ($10.50 – $13.50). Continue reading “Edvocator Journey: Sucking at Sales Sucks!”

Edvocator – the Birth of an Idea and the Story Behind Its Creator

The idea pushed its way to the front of my mind last week.

Here I am. Trying to get Edvocator to be successful for two reasons: (1) it will help schools and (2) I’d like it to be my retirement income.

You see I was brainstorming ways to get people in my target market – elementary school PTOs and high school booster clubs – to sign up for Edvocator. I thought it would be effective to merely document my efforts to take Edvocator from a very cool concept for easy school fundraising to a robust business that could eventually provide me with retirement income. I wondered – skeptically – who the heck would want to read about my story? And, I worried that someone would steal the concept and be better at bringing it to a higher level of success than I could. Then something – something quite serendipitous – happened.

While perusing my Facebook stream I came across a man who I’d not heard of before today (when you read to whom I’m referring you won’t believe me). I saw an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk. His no-nonsense and foul-mouthed candor caught my attention. Continue reading “Edvocator – the Birth of an Idea and the Story Behind Its Creator”

Edvocator Superheroes Save the Day with Easy School Fundraising

Introducing a new type of superhero! The Edvocator team!

Meet “Click,” “Buy” and “Support” — Edvocator’s superhero school fundraising team!

We have “Click” who helps schools and booster clubs get supporters to their free Edvocator-provided fundraising website.

Then there’s “Buy.” She helps supporters buy the things online they normally buy. That’s right, Buy doesn’t want you to buy something you normally don’t just because it’s a school fundraiser.  Buy simply asks that you buy what you normally would (after Click’s help that is).

And then there’s “Support.” Support’s superpower is remembering everyone’s click and online purchase so the school or club you support can get their donation from Edvocator.

Join forces with the Edvocator superheroes and sign up for your free fundraising account.