Getting School Fundraising Clients Seems Impossible – Time for a Change

Time to get in shape – change how I do sales prospecting.

I’m finding it far too easy to think no one wants anything to do with Edvocator.

I tried sending emails – no reply. I tried sending some direct mailings – no reply (no one even visited the URLs in the direct emails — I can tell from Google Analytics). So, I’m switching gears.

My goal is to get just 1 school or booster club to sign up with Edvocator with the idea that this first client will be a partner of sorts. This partnership will help me to figure out if the concept is viable and will provide the highest possible fundraising donations to this client. I will do this by stopping any mass mailings and communicate directly with one possible client at a time until that client tells me “no” or after some period of time where I’ll figure they’re simply not interested.

I took my first action today by replying to an email from a local booster club president’s email she sent regarding a booster club meeting. My approach is now very direct and frank. I’m communicating that I think Edvocator is a good program and that I’m having trouble getting schools to sign up. Here’s the email I sent today.

Good morning Katie,

My name is Rick Forristall. My grandson attends {school} HS and played football last year.

I have created a school fundraiser and am looking for that first school who is willing to give it a try. In return, the fundraiser will provide that school with the highest donations possible.

I’d like the opportunity to show it to you in person so you can give me feedback on whether or not you think it’s a feasible fundraiser for booster clubs and to hopefully sign you up.

It’s called Edvocator and you can see more about it here:

It’s a straightforward concept that doesn’t require your booster to sell anything or ask for any money.

Basically, when supporters buy what they normally buy online – your booster club can earn donations on each purchase.

There is no cost to your booster club and there’s no cost to the supporter (other than their purchase).

To be quite frank, I’m having trouble connecting with booster club and PTO leadership and would appreciate if you would be willing to let me steal 30 minutes of your time to show you how Edvocator could work for you.

Please feel free to reply to this email to start our conversation or call me on my cell phone at 719.229.4082.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Rick Forristall
Edvocator Creator
Edvocator: Easy school fundraising … without asking for a single penny!

I also set a task reminder in my email to reply one more time in about 10 days. If that produces no results, I will consider this as a dead lead and move on to the next school or booster club and go through the one-on-one communication process. I’ll add an new post after the next email.

What do you think?




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