Edvocator – the Birth of an Idea and the Story Behind Its Creator

The idea pushed its way to the front of my mind last week.

Here I am. Trying to get Edvocator to be successful for two reasons: (1) it will help schools and (2) I’d like it to be my retirement income.

You see I was brainstorming ways to get people in my target market – elementary school PTOs and high school booster clubs – to sign up for Edvocator. I thought it would be effective to merely document my efforts to take Edvocator from a very cool concept for easy school fundraising to a robust business that could eventually provide me with retirement income. I wondered – skeptically – who the heck would want to read about my story? And, I worried that someone would steal the concept and be better at bringing it to a higher level of success than I could. Then something – something quite serendipitous – happened.

While perusing my Facebook stream I came across a man who I’d not heard of before today (when you read to whom I’m referring you won’t believe me). I saw an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk. His no-nonsense and foul-mouthed candor caught my attention. Continue reading “Edvocator – the Birth of an Idea and the Story Behind Its Creator”