Edvocator Superheroes Save the Day with Easy School Fundraising

Introducing a new type of superhero! The Edvocator team!

Meet “Click,” “Buy” and “Support” — Edvocator’s superhero school fundraising team!

We have “Click” who helps schools and booster clubs get supporters to their free Edvocator-provided fundraising website.

Then there’s “Buy.” She helps supporters buy the things online they normally buy. That’s right, Buy doesn’t want you to buy something you normally don’t just because it’s a school fundraiser.  Buy simply asks that you buy what you normally would (after Click’s help that is).

And then there’s “Support.” Support’s superpower is remembering everyone’s click and online purchase so the school or club you support can get their donation from Edvocator.

Join forces with the Edvocator superheroes and sign up for your free fundraising account.


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